"The brilliant sunlight provided a false appearance of warmth as our team prepared for the final pitch to reach the peak of the towering mountain of ice..."

Arctic High expeditions are tailored to individual and group interests. Your answers will help us start the planning process, provide you with additional tailored information and keep you informed of future opportunities.

You can also contact us by email at , or call toll free (888) 737-6818.

How much experience do you have climbing rock and ice and with winter conditions in general?

How many people is your inquiry on behalf of? Our expeditions can run with as few as two or three people. If a sufficient number of people have similar interests we will offer custom options. If you are interested in a private expedition please let us know.

What is your time frame for joining an expedition? Are you thinking of participating this year, next year or some time in the future?

Do you have a budget range? Climbing Expeditions begin at $6,000 and can go over $25,000 depending upon the location, specialized equipment, duration and group size. These rates include roundtrip airfare from Ottawa to the Arctic.








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