"The brilliant sunlight provided a false appearance of warmth as our team prepared for the final pitch to reach the peak of the towering mountain of ice..."

CLIMBING :: Ice Caps
The Greenland Ice Cap is over 3 kilometers deep and covers 1.8 million square kilometers. Every spring, warming temperatures melt the snow and outer layer of the ice. From a gradual drip to raging rivers, the melt waters flow with increasing force towards the ocean. The water rushes across the ice cap carving deep channels in its path. Torrents of water pour into cracks in the ice and flow deep into the heart of the ice cap. The force and volume of these subterranean streams cut further into the cracks and expands and shapes them into majestic glacier wells. These ice caves drop hundred of meters below the surface and provide access to a pristine magical underworld. Surreal glowing blue sculptures and formations abound in each gallery of ice.

The privilege of experiencing the hidden treasures of the ice cap is limited to a small group of intrepid adventurers. Accessible only by rappeling deep into the blue abyss, expedition members must be thoroughly familiar with ice climbing and high angle ropes skills.

Arctic High is organizing an expedition for 2004 to explore the depths of the Greenland Ice Cap for a select group of cavers and climbers. We strongly encourage anybody interested in joining us inside the Ice Cap to consider first coming on an iceberg climbing expedition with us.

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