"The brilliant sunlight provided a false appearance of warmth as our team prepared for the final pitch to reach the peak of the towering mountain of ice..."

CLIMBING :: Icebergs
Icebergs, without a doubt, provide the most visually stunning climbing routes. To climb a giant diamond, gleaming in the midnight sun, surrounded by mountains and a frozen sea, is a fantastic experience reserved for but a privileged few.

A single enormous iceberg can provide both the ideal training grounds for novices and the ultimate test for experienced climbers. Expeditions may cater to one or both groups depending upon numbers. Groups are always small and may be further split up to climb different parts of a berg based upon each climbing pair's experience.

Exotic, Easy and Safe!
Although climbing an iceberg is extremely exotic in appearance, it is in fact amazingly accessible for novice to intermediate climbers. Rock climbers trying ice climbing for the first time will make the switch more easily than any other kind of ice. There are dozens of routes with varying degrees of inclinations, lengths and levels of difficulty. Warm spring temperatures soften the exterior ice while an inch below remains rock hard ice that grips crampons and axes with a strength not found in seasonal ice. The net result is ideal ice conditions that make climbing easy. Placements normally sink in deeply on the first attempt while 12" ice screws provide bullet proof pro.

Big Wall Ice
Only icebergs offer big wall ice climbing. There are no mixed routes here! Big wall, multi-pitch ice climbing is unique to icebergs and provides a new and rewarding challenge for accomplished climbers.

Weeks of equivalent experience in a day!
One day climbing an iceberg can be equivalent to a week climbing smaller routes in the south. Hundreds of metres of ice and dozens of routes mean there is an unlimited supply and variety of ice.

Intro To Iceberg Climbing

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